The Inspired Artist Community

Welcome to our Community.

These are the folks who helped give me a start a years ago when the Original Lif’e Little Inspirations began. Many of them moved over to Life’s Little Inspirations with me and comment over there usually, but now that we have a new name,  and a new purpose here, they are no less important to me.  I will always be grateful for their friendship and support and they will always be remembered for their part in getting this blog going!

Let me introduce to you to some very important people:

Brett Legree: Brett was the very first person who ever posted a comment at Life’s Little Inspirations. He made me feel ALIVE!!! Like my Blog was breathing!! Thanks Brett for that hand up into the world of blogging and for introducing me to so many nice friends. Brett has a gift of encouragement wherever he goes. Brett is no longer blogging at his own blog, but wherever you see him, say hello, his friendship is priceless!

Darren Daz Cox: Our resident artist, who describes himself as Painter, Poet, and Positive Soul, Daz inspires me with his originality of thought as well as art. He often makes me laugh, smile and think an entirely new idea! His website at Chaos Theory Inspiration is one you can become absorbed in for a very long time. Pull up a comfy chair for this one.

Amy Palko: When I need a walk through a garden, a quiet place to meditate when I can’t get outside, or a moment to reflect on something guaranteed to be breathtaking, Life’s Little Inspirations takes a visit to see Amy, where our resident photographer lives. Amy also has several other sites and is continually growing and evolving as an artist. She also has a flickr site of Photographs Less Ordinary, which there is more info at her site as well. Amy is thoughtful, sharing and generous with talents and energy.

Karen D. Swim: Karen has been a very big source of encouragement. She is positive, bright and funny and a place I turn to when I want to find that steady stream of focus. Although we have traveled our own paths, we have learned many of the same lessons. Her posts are often good reminders to me to stay on track. I am happy to call her a partner on this path! her Words for Hire is very uplifting!

Friar: Better watch this guy or he’ll leave you laughing. He runs a House of Hilarity called the Deep Friar. You never know what to expect over there. Usually a little better behaved over here, but you never know! I wouldn’t turn my back on him if I were you!

Jenny: from over at Random Ramblings, she may be new to blogging but she isn’t new to me. Jenny has been a long time friend in real life for so long now that I can’t remember how far back it is. We hang out in theater where she is both actress and stage manager extraordinaire. She is funny , very loyal and has a huge heart. Get to know her like I do and you will be blessed indeed.

Ms. O: I’ve known Ms. O for several years now and while not actually a blogger, she was a writer over at the AOL message boards longer than blogging has been popular and had quite a fan club of her own! She is a fiction writer, a poet and a motivational  writer who delights us with her insights of life’s lessons. We are very happy that she shares her thoughts with us here!

Barbara Stafford: is a thoughtful and generous woman who make a mission out of helping out new blogs at Blogging Without a Blog.  She is insightful and has a compassionate community of her very own who share their encouragement with each other in the comment section. She knows the value of what the comment section can do for a community!

Joanna Young: Confident Writing is a wonderful place to visit if you are interesting in growing both your writing and your communication skills. Joanna will ignite your creativity, confidence and passions as she explores the dynamics behind becoming a more confident writer. Here at Life’s Little Inspirations, she is always forthcoming and open with her thoughts and comments.

Melissa Donovan:The very talented and knowledgeable writing guru at Writing Forward is extremely versatile in all aspects of writing from poetry to freelance to fiction. I have learned a lot from hanging out at her website. Its like taking a class but a whole lot more fun! She is witty and original and we love it when she comes by to share her thoughts and opinions.

I look forward to meeting new friends  here at The Inspired Artist! and adding them to our new and updated Community Page!

Welcome to all!

Wendi Kelly


10 thoughts on “The Inspired Artist Community

  1. Hello to all. I am getting to your individual blogs bit by bit. This is a new world for me and a bit daunting. Have no blog, however, can be found under this screen name and also Pascalsrainbow in the Women’s Community Message Boards Spirituality area of AOL and also in that same area on the Poetry board. Been posting since receiving my computer in fall of ’03. Lucky to have met several fellow AOL pals in person over the years.

    Not as creative as many of you here, but do enjoy what limited gifts Creator has given to me.
    Ms. O

  2. Ms O.

    Not one to doubt you, but on this I will, I’ll hold your creativity up to anyone I know!

  3. I appreciate your comment, Wendi. Some days, as recent, I feel very “non” creative and unable to “reach” people. It ebbs and flows, as does nature and all around us.
    The down times, when thoughts and imaginings are sparce. Other times, the ideas bombard with the speed of hummingbird wings.
    In a between storm lull here in Indiana and will enjoy a “drying out” day.
    Blessed Be,
    Ms. O

  4. OK, I have a problem. It is one of addiction. I pulled up your personal blog, Ellen and can’t pry myself away! Now this is great for me and know you will enjoy knowing your words reach and touch me. However, (Pisces always have howevers). . .this poses a problem. How to “pry myself away” and venture to all these others blogs! (giggling)

    Folks, how long have blogs existed? I only discovered them through Wendi and have never know a thing about them. Had thought them for teenagers and more board game things. Fill me in, anyone!
    Blessed Be,
    Ms. O, feeling older by the minute after being immersed in this creative pond!

  5. Can someone answer this question for Ms. O? I haven’t any idea how long blogs have really been popular. I have only been reading them this year. I know they are constantly transforming and even in the six months since I have been around I am already seeing changes!

  6. Thanks for your efforts, Wendi.
    Ms. O
    Still enjoy reading as many of the above mentioned blogs as possible. Will perhaps reply on some – in time.

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