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Everything has been packed up tight and the moving truck has pulled out of the drive way. It’s time to say goodbye to our first little home at Life’s Little Inspirations and move in to our new big Community Center by the lake.

Harry and James from Men with Pens have been hard at work helping me…the technically challenged dim bulb… maneuver my way around in a world that might as well be blind to me. I could NOT have done this without them. Harry-forever more to be known as my blogging Knight in Shining Armour-is the most patient man I’ve ever met (with the possible exception of my husband) and has even managed to teach me how to do some of this stuff myself. That is a miracle!

James gets the credit for pushing me into this and holding me up with his uncanny knack for writing just what I always seem to need to hear at just the right time. His post on How to Exceed Expectations was the exact post that convinced me to quit thinking about moving and actually DO it. Then today, while I spent the entire day laboring over things I had no idea how to do and faltering with last minute jitters, there he was again, holding me up with his post on Learning to Fly Without Wings. It made me smile. Take about inspiration! There have been several times in between where both of them have been right there with just what I needed at just the right moment without me even knowing I was going to need it.  No doubt about it, the Pen Men live up to their reputation.

So now the champagne is uncorked, the glasses are filled and the party is ready to begin.  Won’t you raise your glass with me? I’d like to propose a toast.

To the Men With Pens, Harry and James, the Diamond Standard Bearers of Customer Service and Satisfaction. Thank you with all my heart. You are both wonderful.

Now, let’s go to and meet up at the new place! See you all there!

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3 thoughts on “MOVING DAY!

  1. Congratulations Wendi! Champagne will be home in about an hour… POP! And I promise… no rasberries 😉



  2. That is great Wendi. I thought I was there before? This is like deja vu. Hmmm. What is up with my feedburner?

    Yes, Harry does great work. See ya soon!

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