Stop and Smell the Goodness

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“…So then, you must clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. Be tolerant with one another and forgive one another whenever any of you has a complaint against someone else…”

Colossians 3:12-14

Today Bloggers are participating in Gary Vayerchuk’s call for posts on good people. He has proclaimed April 4th to be Good People day.  Good for Gary for making a positive difference in today! Besides, that is what we are all about every single day here. The thoughts, ideas, attitudes and the people that inspire us to make a difference. So Good People Day is a perfect fit for Life’s Little Inspirations. We like good people here every day.

But wait….what makes somebody good? It’s one thing to be inspired. We can be inspired by someone’s drive, their passion, their intelligence, their creativity, their self-discipline, but in truth, they can have all of these, and still be ruthless, self-absorbed, ignorant of others. Not at all good.

Conversely, a person can be good and self-less and have little in the way of those qualities just mentioned. They can live their lives as unsung heroes, or they can be very inspiring. Occasionally they can be both. Perhaps, it isn’t until time has passed and you have had the maturity to realize where your important lessons have come from, that you realize that beauty and goodness were right under your nose and you hadn’t taken the time to notice.

Good people are under our noses every day. Like colorful flowers, they adorn our day with beauty and love. They smile at us and rarely ask for anything in return. They brighten our world and bring the hope of a better place. They might be sharing little moments as they pass us by. they might be the day-to-day people in our world that we know are good, but just don’t always think about.

Because we are too absorbed in our own busyness.

Today is Good People Day. Who are they? Where are they? Stop and smell the flowers of goodness throughout your day today. Take a deep breath, look around. What have you been missing? Notice them. Smile at them.

Say thank you.

Be one of the flowers yourself. Bloom….Be colorful, cheery, grateful. Make a difference, bring a smile to someone’s day.

Goodness is all around us. So is evil. The flowers and weeds of life. Can you imagine if we all walked through the world only looking at the weeds and ignoring the flowers? What an ugly garden we would think we had. How sad it would be to have missed all the beauty.

We have a lot of media and people pushing weeds at us all the time these days. Our busy lives don’t give us much time to sit on the garden benches and reflect on the flowers we encounter.

But for today, make it a point. Stop and look. Take time to smell the goodness. Take a deep, deep breath.

Maybe we can learn to see a “Good People World” instead of just one day.


7 thoughts on “Stop and Smell the Goodness

  1. Be good to yourself first then you can be good to others, there are no bonus points for making yourself wretched as you lift up others, stand strong then you can make others strong like you.

    I’m not a ‘day for goodness’ type of blogger, everyday is a day for goodness! I blog to inspire, to affect a butterfly effect of positive change!

    We all have our own ways of being good!

    I think it’s easier to write about how you are ‘good’ and make suggestions to others on how to be good-er from your personal experience than simply giving a pat on the back “that Ghandi- he sure was good!” He knew he was good! and we are good-er because we follow what he said and did!

    peace, Daz

  2. Daz,

    I agree! Every day IS a day for goodness, and that it the whole point, if we take the time to notice, we can see that goodness is always around us every day if we notice it.
    I totally agree with your point of being good to yourself, so that you can help others. If there is no fuel in your tank you are too empty to help when called on.

    thanks for coming today.

    By the way, did I mention How much I LOVE the moon picture?

    (If anyone wants to see amazing art, click on Daz Cox’s name and go check him out.)
    If I could figure out how to get my blogroll working I’d get you and a few others up there, it seems to be stubborn…grrr.

  3. I have to agree with Daz that every day is “good people day.” It’s nice to offer a day of recognition for people who make special efforts to do good for others, those unsung heroes that you mentioned.

  4. Yes, every Day is good people day, so true. I’ve enjoyed the special focus of it today. It has reminded me not to rush as much

    Hi Melissa, hope you are feeling better, glad you stopped by!

  5. Hi Amy, good to see you here, Thanks for coming and leaving a comment. It’s always nice to know who has been by.

    I was just over visiting your site. Laughed my head off about your H.E.L.P.


    Congrats on your partner!

  6. You made an excellent post. I try to give people the recognition they derserve, but what a wonderful world it would be if we could all help each other succeed!
    I have been getting hammered with the message “make yourself happy FIRST” a lot lately and it is finally sinking in.
    I will be back for more “good news”.
    Steph Smith (Stefyspeak)

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