Meandering Toward the Goal

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Last night I dreamt about a good friend that I haven’t talked to in almost a year. In the dream, we were sitting on bar stools, catching up with each others lives, chatting about how things were going since the last time we had spoken.

I shared with her how I started this blog and how fun it is, the interesting people I have been meeting and all of the ideas I have for future posts.

We chatted on about the concept of the inspirational and motivational blog and she reminded me that we had spoken about the subject ten years ago. “Don’t you remember?” she asked.

I suddenly remembered a conversation that we had shared in real life over ten years ago, in which I had confided my dreams of being a motivational writer and a motivational speaker when I turned fifty.

“Well,” she said in the dream, “You are on your way to the first part, now let’s figure out how you are going to get from here to the second part.”

We then sat with pen and paper in the dream and plotted out the path step-by-step to make my goals happen in real life.

I sprang out of bed this morning, running for pen and paper to write them down before I forgot them all.

As I drank my morning coffee, sitting in the dark before the chaos of waking children began, I pondered the ability that our brains, or subconscious, has to keep track of our hopes and dreams, even when we aren’t actively doing so.

I hadn’t  consciously been thinking about motivational speaking. I am two years away from fifty yet. It hasn’t crossed my mind in the last several months. I will say that it has been something I have mentioned from time to time over the years. The-what would you do if money was no object and you knew you couldn’t fail-question is always answered with that response.

 I would be a full time writer and a motivational speaker.

I have been completly radar-focused on writing lately though and haven’t even given public speaking a second thought. Even my other passion, painting, has taken a back seat right in the middle of a half-completed watercolor of an eagle, which does haunt me a bit, but not enough to pull me away from writing to go finish it.

Yet here is my subconscious moving way ahead of me, long before I am even out of baby steps in the first phase of my new adventure, to give me a vision of how I can proceed to the next phase.

Napoleon Hill wrote in the book, Think and Grow Rich, the following statement:

“The human mind is constantly attracting vibrations which harmonize with that which dominates the mind. Any thought, idea, plan or purpose which one holds in one’s mind attracts a host of its relatives, adds these “relatives” to its own force, and grows until it becomes the dominating, motivating master of the individual in whose mind it has been housed.”

He goes on later to make it clear that the mind does not distinguish between constructive or negative thought impulses and warns about the dangers of  filling the mind with thoughts based on negativity, doubt or fear. He stresses repeatedly the importance for filling the mind with positive, purposeful thoughts and ideas.

My goals have been written down for decades. I have not wavered from my desires. Still, I can’t honestly say that I have marched stubbornly in a straight, solid line toward my destiny. I took many detours along the way. There have been times of deep emotional fog and confusion when I would have guessed I was very off course, that my life had taken a sharp detour, only to realize later that the skills or people that I had met along the way had brought me that much closer to the goal. I can look back at even the failures, perhaps especially the failures, and see how in hindsight they are valuable insights and tools to have in my life lessons bag.

Today I feel inspired by a dream and the path seems clear. There are very few days when the clouds part and the vision looks so surprisingly vivid and simple to follow.

Tomorrow, the vision may go the way of most dreams and reality may step in with its complications and sidetracking obligations to send me back down the meandering path toward my goal. But it is nice to have that reminder that underneath my day to day toil, there is another force at work, silently moving along, creating that chain of experiences to take me to my goal, even when I can’t see the links. All I have to do, is keep moving towards the light and keep the faith.


5 thoughts on “Meandering Toward the Goal

  1. I’m constantly amazed at the insights that come through dreams, and I fully agree that visualizing is a strong force of attraction. I’m careful not only what I wish for, but what I think about. Good luck in all your pursuits! Public speaking… that takes courage.

  2. Wendi,

    You keep moving towards that light. You are showing the world that you can and will get there. Your words are very motivating today. Thank you for sharing them.

  3. Melissa, I wrote a long response to you, I have no idea where it went! I have so much to learn! Grrr.
    I have been on the stage since I was a teen. I love public speaking!

    Brett, its so good to see you again, you are such an encouragement to me. And I must say, you know all the good bloggers. All I have to do is follow you around and I read such neat stuff and meet great people!

  4. Wendi, it is nice to be here again. I look forward to each new piece you write, as they also encourage me to keep going. You know what is great about this, is exactly what you said – I met all of the great people I know so far, by visiting other bloggers sites and then seeing who they know. So as I have perhaps introduced you to some people, so you will also do the same for me.

    And that is something special.

  5. WOW !
    I read your story and I got te chills.
    I was almost like I woke up to see myself in the mirror.
    Whatever is moving you, follow it.
    Your words and inspiration are contagious and surely the world would like ti share with you.

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