Winter Light

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Winter Light

This is day two of Project 365.  I spent so much time trying to upload Day one’s pictures in my very nontechnical way that by the time I got around to actually using my camera, it was dark outside and frigid.

The wind was kicking up around my ankles and the temperatures had dropped below zero. Not very much fun for my first adventure out with my new camera. Luckily for me, the porch light was right outside the front door. It caught my eye the way the light glowed pink against the stark gray branches lighting them up with a haunting glow.

Funny how that lamppost has been right outside my front door every night for the past seventeen years. Have I ever paid attention to it? Did I see the way the pink  light spilled from its casing to spring to life the withered branches?

NO, not really.

It took a camera frame to make me see what has been right outside me door every night.

I wonder what else is waiting for me to see?


Art & Project 365

Photography, The Inspired Artist

Lately the paintbrush has been put down and replaced by my latest toy, my camera. Santa was oh so generous and brought me a new digital camera for Christmas and I am truly in love.

I won’t even pretend to say that I know how to use it or that I have even a clue as to what all of the buttons and settings mean, but my first resolution of the year is…by golly by the end of this year I WILL!

My friend and business partner Allison sent me a link to a flickr project called The 365. Every day for 365 days, we who choose to join will add one picture to our own 365 projects and upload them to flickr.

So, I have joined. And because The Inspired artist! is the place for all of my artistic experiments and endeavors, I shall do my best to upload them here as well. Perhaps not daily, maybe a weekly diary of the week or something. I’m not sure how it will go.

But join us if you want. It isn’t too late, your day one can start on any day.

One of my goals this year is to immerse myself more into my artistic side this year-in other ways besides the written word. Oh, I’ll still write. Of that, there is no doubt. For me, not writing is like not having air to breath.

I write in my journal almost daily. And if more than a day goes by that I am not creating fiction with my writing partners, it is a very sad and lost feeling. That part of my life has become a part of me.

I wish for my painting, my camera and my love of design to all come together this year in the same way. To lift me higher in my awareness as an artist. To open my eyes wider to the world around me. To bring me closer in touch with who I am in connection with the world.

My imprint…through art.

Join me, share with me, here and at flicker and in the other places I play. I look forward to getting to know you.

Toasting the New Decade

The January 1st Entry for the 365.