Fountain of Beauty

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“The fountain of beauty is the heart, and every generous thought illustrates the walls of your chamber”

Frances Quarles


Have you ever been stunned by the spectacular beauty of someone, found yourself admiring them, only to realize that their beauty faded as their spirit leaked through their skin?

Have you ever walked past a nameless face, their outward appearance causing nothing to flicker an impression, when suddenly a light from within them, lit up their entire being with an internal glow that blinded you with their brilliance?

Have you ever been taken aback by the quickness of how faceless strangers bond into tightly woven friendships and relationships of love within the safety of Internet communication? Have you experienced it yourself perhaps? Seen how the lack of physical barriers provided a look into seeing something deeper?

It isn’t superficial or shallow to be immediately attracted to beauty. It is a normal condition to seek what is beautiful and pleasing to the eye. But the eye’s attention to beauty can only see it at one level. The surface level. It is the movement within your spirit, the connection that you feel at the heart level when you connect with someone, or something that they have written, spoken, or created that speaks to true beauty within all of us. Beauty is subjective. But beauty is pure and generous and sharing and open and kind. It is a light and an energy and something that you can feel. You know it when you experience it, even if it is different for each of us.

Beauty glows on the road-lined face of a woman aged and weathered by eighty decades, but who’s heart has reached out and gathered the tired and the poor and the weary-worn and given them back spirits filled with love.

Beauty beams up at you in the tiny trusting lashes of of a freshly bathed infant, gazing upon you as if delight were his gift to hand out to the world.

Beauty radiates peace in times of purposeful acceptance. Serenity and power. Quiet calm. Read in the faces of only a few, who have learned the secrets of the hard battles. The gift of daily gratitude.The balance of knowing when it’s enough. They are the ones you stand closer to, sometimes without even understanding why. Hoping their peace will brush on to you. You bask in their beauty…and warmth.

Beauty shines out of the honest, the gullible, the innocent, the curious, the sunny bright hopeful ones who see the light wherever they go. The big smiles, the bright lights, the energetic, the ones who light up rooms with their glow.

Beauty pours out of the caretakers, the mother, in her many forms, rounded curves of child-filled belly, swaying hips that gently rock infants, crouched knees that forever bend to speak at an eye-level near the floor. Later still, looking up to children grown taller than her, she will always huddle them back, hold them close, hold them like babes in the beauty of her heart. The father, beauty in his eyes, the look, the beauty of the man who knows- it all comes back to him. He holds it in the weight of his shoulders, the crook of his neck, in the way he holds his lips, just a little tighter than he ever did before. He cares. He loves.

Beauty flows out of the small child, who would wish upon a star and believing in miracles, would give you everything, because they have not yet learned to be jaded, or unkind, or to hold back love in fear of running out of it, as if such a silly thing could ever happen at all…

Beauty glittering in miracles, in gardens, in tiny stones, in wishes and dreams, and life and love and every day moments and people

that are right there next to you all the time.

Beauty. An overused word. NOT nearly used enough. Not PAID ATTENTION to enough. Are you seeing the true beauty in your life?

Are you looking for it? Or does it catch you by surprise as you are hurrying on by? Are you looking in the wrong places? Or the right ones? Where are your favorite beautiful places? Favorite beautiful people? What makes you feel beautiful? Please share.


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