Unplugging for Peace

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I have been sitting by the pool all week, warmed by the California Sun caressing my pale Chicago skin. A trickling waterfall, babbling with playful birds has been my twitter and my social network. I close my eyes and breathe in oxygen that does not have toxins of technology and To Do lists. I am alone. Unplugged and at peace. 

My Zen-filled fingers dip a loaded brush filled with ever-changing colors into swirls of paint. The muse awakens from within, my own fountain thrusting upward and out of the vessel-it doesn’t matter what happens to appear on the page-only that it is authentic to the peace…and the feelings that are sprouting there. Perfection has no place here, the only audience is the birds and the Sun. The Creator and creation are the same…if only for the moment…unplugged, serene, focused.

I open my journal next, words spilling on to the pages as fast as my pen can scratch them out. Free-forming associations create new thoughts, new ideas, projects and brainstorms, some will be discarded, some will be created, some will be brainstormed further with new partners in-put. More creativity to follow. All gifts from the Muse-gods. I am always grateful.

Totally and reverently standing in the golden light, filled with energy, filled with creativity, filled with peace…


I am hoping to remember this feeling when I plug back in. Hoping to put a piece of it in my pocket to hold on to. Hoping to be ABLE to close my eyes and remember the smell of ocean air, the sight of mountains in the near distance, palm trees swaying, trickling fountains that whisper to birds. Hoping to remember that I can BREATHE unplugged, that they all survive without me, that I do without them….once in awhile.

I love my community, My e-mail, my friends. I love my tranquility, my peace too. My creativity MORE. I need them both. I need to go home and find the balance. Learn to unplug for peace.

What about you? How plugged in are you? How does it affect your peace? Your productivity? How balanced are you in your plugged in-ness?


12 thoughts on “Unplugging for Peace

  1. Wendi,

    I totally understand how you are feeling, being in Colorado last week was glorious! I have several different things to blog about, I just need to get caught up with everything else before I can sit down at the computer and put them in!! Have a wonderful weekend and I will see you when you get back!!

  2. Daily Plugging in and Out

    When gettin gout of bed, intentionally take deep. conscious breaths and thank each breath for sustaining you.
    Take in every bit of your surroundings, Pause for even one or two moments each hour to reflect on what you are feeling right at that moment.
    Truly open yourself up to your five senses! I call it mindful living!
    Those pauses – call them Time Outs. They worked when you were a small child and by golly then can work now to reduce stress, defuse anter, find the calm feeling and the introspection they provide.
    Take time to learn about all of You! ALl your personalities and sub-personalities. Those “subs” are the ones ya just don’t like much! Accept and understand you, every “face: of you. Explore those needs and wants within each personality. Each one is valuable.
    Tame the darn “Monkey Mind”. Focus on a single thought and stay with it for a few moments. If you start to drift, refocus on that one thought. Eventually your mind will no longer buzz with eratic, myriads of jumbled thoughts.
    Take walks on your lunch break instead of feeding your face.
    At your desk, do stretches (arms, legs, neck) at least once an hour.
    When able, at home, go outside and breath deep, take in all the senses that will bombard you in nature. Laugh, giggle, sigh deeply, cry if you can. Feel totally in the moment.
    Keep moments when you can paint, drawn, listen to music, soak in a soothing tub of warm/hot water with scented oils or Epsom salts. Drift, float, or sink like a log!
    Just keep your nose above the water line!!!
    These are my favorite plugging in and out techniques. Hope they help.
    Ms. O

  3. @Mrs O – I hear ya about monkey mind. It is a hard one to tame. I suppose its good to watch it play a bit. Then reign it in.

    @Wendi – I’m happy you get this chance to disconnect. That’s really important sometimes. I know I have days I just walk away from the computer and let my mind settle into a kind of creative dream time.

    We will be here when you get back. But if you want to check in from time to time feel free. You know where to find us.

  4. Wendi, as I read your words I too breathed deeper and allowed my mind to remember my home. My senses recalled the California sunshine and the smell of the Pacific Ocean. It is a good place to unplug. I have spent the week unplugged as well. This week I needed serenity and the time and space to remember, to breathe, to simply be. On a daily basis I devote the first hours of the day to nurturing my mind and soul. It sets the tone for the day when I can begin in peace. Judging from this post we are in for some incredible posts upon your return. Enjoy your time away.

  5. Unplugged? Isn’t that when you are supposed to be purporting your most creative of juices with the world? Eric Clapton Unplugged. No outside energy coming in and all your own energy going out? I guess my literal nature can’t comprehend the meaning of the word.

    And I guess in my rambling that is my point. The world says something is one thing and Webster says the same word is another thing. Double speak? And if we are all double-speaking to each other, what is the real thing we are trying to expound and does the other party get the message. No wonder there is such a disconnect. Oops, again, disconnect meaning misunderstandings, or disconnect meaning releasing oneself from outside pressures.

    Double meeanings, double entendre, double speak, double duty, double cross, double , double, double…..regardless 2 x 2 x 2 x2 to infinite x 0 = 0.

    I’m disconnecting now…

  6. Try living here! In California, I mean. So many temptations… I had to unplug a little this week too and it’s been nice to be away from the computer for a few hours each day even though I wasn’t lounging by the pool or the sea. We all need to get ourselves grounded every now and then! Glad you’re enjoying the break Wendi 🙂

  7. I’m a little too plugged in at the moment, but that’s the breaks when trying to get something new off the ground. That said, even in hypermode, there must be time for unplugging and resting. There must be time for tranquility. I can’t disconnect just yet, but soon.

    Thanks for sharing some of that good relaxing energy! This is as close as I will get to being relaxed for at least the next month. 🙂

  8. I just had an semi “unplugged” weekend and it was fabulous; you’re on to something here. My struggle is that the more I blog about simplicity and unplugging, the more plugged in I am! I find that smells and lighting are what take me back to relaxing times. The right ray of light and I’m on the beach, laughing without a care in the world.

  9. Ahhhh, back home to you all. Being unplugged was wonderful. I missed you and couldn’t help but think, “I wonder what’s happening on my blog?” But, couldn’t have plugged in if I wanted to once I got to camp. And it was good. The ability to focus on just one thing has been something I think I forgot how to do!

    Now…to be back home and find the balance! That will be the trick! Sara, I know what you mean when you say the more you write about simplicity the harder it it is to be doing it!!!
    Melissa, I didn’t know you were in California. I have to tell you- I am on a mission to move there. What part are you in?

    Ms O, those are some great ideas! Thank you for sharing all of them . I love the way all of you are sharing your thoughts and ideas here! Keep it up! I love having more writers on the blog! Keeps the conversastions going!

    Had to LOL at your comments, But they make sense in your rambling way…I love Clampton’s unplugged CD. I think sometimes you just got to let go and not think about it that hard. I have to unplugg so that I can come up with the creative stuff. THEN I can plug in and pass it on. I need alone time to get inspired. I think some people DO get more inspired around people. Despite what most of the people who know me might think ( And Ibirish has known me since I was 15) I am really quite shy and get burnt out on too much people fuel, on-line or off-line, It’s hard for me to maintain that energy around people. I have to un-plug or I drain.

    Karen, I have always had my quiet time- but still to have the rest of the day plugged in- too much for me I guess. I am going to maybe just make a plan..see what I come up with. Part of it is the house stuff too. Sitting by the computer can really suck up your life!

    Jamie, You know what, I HAVE to figure this out. Being unplugged was SO good for my creativity. I think it makes for being more creative and a better writer. Maybe its a part time little bit hre and a littel bit there but I am going to find that balance. IT just feels to good.

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