The Pebble People

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Get ready to meet the Pebble People.

I’m getting ready to take down The Blog Log… For a very good reason.

I’m not building a LOG here. WE are building a community. A community of people who share, get to know each other, get to communicate with each other, share ideas, inspiration and help each other.

A neighborhood. A place where people come to hang out.

When I first arrived at Life’s Little Inspirations, and took the dust covers off of all the old antique furniture and started trying to spruce the place up, I used to think that maybe this was a house. But the longer I’ve been hanging out here the last few months, now I think it’s maybe more like a community arts center. Lively conversations with good friends Karen and Ellen, sitting around the table, chatting about balancing our balloons,something we all struggle with I found out! All of the the art and people that come in and hang around the big old giant kitchen table, with their creativity and creations, Daz with all of his brilliant paintings, and Amy with her art, and Brett with his crazy shoes and Tei with her Band of Rogues, Melissa with poetry readings, hanging out by the huge old stone fireplace on the weekends, everyone sitting cross-legged on the rug telling stories and sharing ideas and things that matter to them…the vision is getting clearer. It is all becoming a community of like-minded writers, artists, and inspiring, warm-hearted friends all making a difference in our own journeys though the world we travel in.


Sometimes we tease each other, some times we share stories, some of us share projects and cross each others blogs with a little bit of this and a little bit of that. ALWAYS we support each other and always we cheer each other on. Holding each other accountable and helping each other dream, laugh, win. We help each get through the day. We help each other grow.

So instead of a blog-roll, I am growing a community page for those who are frequent members of the Life’s Little Inspirations Community. The ones who comment often, contribute and make the journey together. The ones making a commitment to be there for each other, to reach out and be a part of this with each other.

The Pebble People Page.

The ones who are willing to Pick up their Pebble and throw it in the water and watch how it makes a wave. Realize that their Pebble DOES make a difference. The ones who understand that yes, they may have JUST a pebble, but even a pebble makes a wave and every wave is connected. Every comment counts, every member of our community counts and is celebrated and important. Every opinion matters and forms us.

I have been working on the page and it’s growing. It will be a page-not a post- and it will always be there-as a link to the major contributor’s of this community. You can help me write whatever you like about your site and yourself as we work it out. If you are one of the frequent contributors here, you can be assured you will be on it, if you want to be. If you don’t have a blog, no worries, you will be on it anyway.This isn’t an advertisement for blogging. It’s a way for each of you in the community to get to know each other better and tell each other something about yourself.

Thanks you for being part of this community. We are all pebbles in the water, making waves.

How do you see this community growing and what are you enjoying the most about it?

Starting this Monday this week, I will be in California. Partially on a mind retreat, writing and painting and then at the end of the week, John and I will be doing some volunteer work at a camp. I will be writing, I don’t know how much posting and commenting I will do. I am planning on unplugging as much as possible and letting the Muses do their thing. Please come on in and keep the community going…I filled the fridge, there is plenty of coffee and lots of logs for the fireplace. I’ll check in as much as I can. You guys are awesome.



19 thoughts on “The Pebble People

  1. What a lovely way to describe your community. I’ll throw in some hot chili chocolate for those awfully cold winter evenings and perhaps a glass of red.

    Your retreat sounds like fun too. I’d love to take out time and go to a writing retreat in Tuscany one day. For now I shall be happy with my upcoming Yoga retreat this weekend. It will be my time for contemplation.

    Have fun, re-awaken that muse within you and say hello to your inner child from me. 🙂

  2. I love your description of the community and believe it is a very accurate description! It is very exciting to move into a house and then watch as the community comes together. This is a great place to hang out, talk, share, relax and learn. I enjoy the posts and the commenters and always walk away with a take home plate and a smile upon my face. Have fun in California (ah home sweet home)! We’ll watch the house while you’re gone. 🙂

  3. Can I sit in the corner in the living room in a comfortable chair and listen and read the awesome comments. I’ll be a fly on the wall maybe just don’t swat me to hard. I promise not to fly into your potato salad. This seems like an awesome community.

  4. Mark,
    Yes you may sir, as a bonified subscriber you can do anything you please!

  5. Oh, Wendi, I just love this idea. I’ve been struggling for a long time on how to promote my blog’s community. I wasn’t keen on BlogLog and I found that my blogroll wasn’t being clicked on, which is why I started Links Less Ordinary to encourage readers to follow me to other people’s blogs. Having a community page is such a great idea tho. Would you mind if I followed your example?
    Oh, and btw, I love the comparison of your blog to an arts community centre! I love sitting round that table with you 🙂

  6. I love the idea of us throwing pebbles into the water and watching what happens… it’s what’s best about the creative act of blogging, and reading, and commenting, and just… being here.



  7. Wendi this is a brilliant idea. Actually, I’m working on a page like this too 😉 Thanks so much for including me in your community. It’s always a pleasure here!

  8. (Ack! I hate it when I open a page in Firefox, and the tab gets lost…)

    Just awesome, Wendi. I’m happy to be here with you, casting pebbles into the pond. Our ripples will be felt around the world, for many years to come…

    I hope that you are having a good week, my friend. I’ll throw another log on the fire, and you know I’ll keep the coffee fresh… 😉


  9. Wendi, as I said, hope you are having a great time in sunny CA! Yes! This is exactly the type of thoughts I posted today, and come over here and find you of like mind. I think we can make more of a difference in our community, and not spread ourselves to thin. I have been thinking a lot about this lately and how to accomplish this.

  10. Not a blogger so not quite understanding. Is this Page to be a separate place from this current site? Interested, but just not understanding. Do let me know upon your return from the West coast.
    Ms. O
    Hotel Agatha

  11. Hi Wendi,

    This is a great idea. I use a page that I named “blogging buddies” for the same purpose. This weekend I plan to get it updated to make sure I have everyone’s name included.

    Blogging is about community. Often it’s our loyal “fans” that keep us going when everything else around us is crumbling, and we’re not feeling very motivated to write.

    Can I be one of your pebble people?

  12. Barbara, sure! Pull up a chair and hang out! feel free to subscribe if you like so you won’t miss anything and can be a regular contributer!
    I have been in seclusion a lot this week thinking about how much this community has been growing naturally, not just on this site but round and round all of our blogs.
    We are truely becoming a force of energy and community.
    I am proud of us.

    All of you,
    If you get a chance, send me an e-mail and let me know what you would like me to describe about you and your site if you have one. I will link back to wherever you would like.

  13. Ellen,

    Yes, we are like-minded and that is a lot of the point. Not really a surprise that many of us have come to similiar conclusions. The Muses are at work within us I do believe….if we follow that *star* I think we will be happy with the direction it is leading us.

  14. Hi Wendi,

    I’ve been subscribed to your blog ever since I named you one of my “new blog of the week”s. (NBOTW). I’ll follow your progress forever..hehehe

  15. I too have been on vacation and just unwinding and letting my thoughts flow. It was a great retreat. I have missed many of your post and have to catch up, but it is a reminder to me that taking a vacation sometimes is the best thing you can do. Have a wonderful day. Sherita

  16. I was interested to see your site – what a great idea! I am happy to see a pebble people community especially as I have written a book called The Pebble People Save the Day. I also tried to create a certain kind of awareness and want to make people think about the world they live in and their environment and hopefully that our world will become a better one.
    I hope I can make a contribution and wish you all happiness and good luck.

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