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Around and round and round it goes where it stops nobody knows….

This tagging thing has got to stop. I’m getting dizzy. I can’t keep track of who in the circle has been tagged or hasn’t and some have been twice so…oooh my…I’m getting off the ride before I swoon.

And for those of you who have no earthly idea what I am talking about, ( and I barely do either) I’ll try to explain because I know that a lot of my readers don’t actually live in blogsville ( Meaning you don’t write your own blogs ( yet– be careful-it’s contagious-ask Jenny!)

In blogsville, the kids go around playing a game called Tag Meme ( Or something like that) where they have to tag each other and then they write a post with 8 things about themselves in it and then tag 8 other people, who then keep the game of tag going even longer. So my wonderful friend Brett tagged me. Thanks Brett. But because I run slow, I have waited and waited and all of our friends have ran around and tagged each other all over and over again and are so tired now that I think they have all fallen over in the grass. Or maybe they have just given up and headed over to Tei’s place at the Lusty Weevil (Adults only Warning- don’t bring your kids or innocent eyes).

So. Being the rebel that I am, I’m not going to follow the rules. This is-after all- Life’s Little Inspirations– not show and tell. But I will play along in my own little fashion and give to you:


Eight Things That Inspire Wendi

  1. Waking up to an amazing sunrise that is spreading out in brilliant colors across the sky and realizing that every day begins with art makes me want to stand on a mountain top and sing like Julie Andrews. Sometimes I do, but I don’t think I sound as good.
  2. Standing with my toes touching a wave in the ocean and thinking that wave is going to go back out into the world and touch everything everywhere because we are all connected.
  3. Holding on to my bible and wondering about the people who took the time to record the stories and the folk-lore and traditions and the laws and how much they understood the importance of words and history and time. did they?
  4. Writing in my journals, asking God for clarification and help to understand a problem, and coming back later and re-reading it, realizing that I DO get it and feeling SO GRATEFUL, like a light-bulb has gone off and I feel like I can fly.
  5. Listening to the wisdom of my elders, who are traveling the road before me, who have learned the lessons I am working through, who inspire me with their dignity, their strength, their laughter, their creativity,their wisdom: My mother, My Mother-in Law, Ms O, so many others…
  6. Talking with, playing with, cuddling with my children and my grandchildren. Children are God’s teachers.They have taught me everything. They fill me up. (Thanks Chillies.)
  7. Looking into the eyes of Maggie, my dog. She inspires me with the way she wants to give me everything and love me with her whole heart with pure and simple intent. She is beautiful.
  8. John. My Husband. Our love and partnership gives me power and strength,vision and confidence. Facing each day girded with the strengh of unconditional love, teamwork, like-minded goals and a best friend who believes in me inspires me to make the most of each day. Thank you honey for being you. I love you.

As far as tagging anyone else, you will have to tag yourself. I can’t remember anyone who hasn’t been tagged yet. Except maybe Jenny. Jenny, tag yourself IF you want to. I’m not tagging anyone.

But I would love to hear your comments here about what inspires you. Please share…What fills you with wonder and inspiration?


21 thoughts on “Inspiring Things that Inquiring Minds Want to Know

  1. Wendi,

    I like your list very much. My favourites are #2 and #6. I will live beside the ocean before you know it. And of course, I have a million kids… who teach me things every day.

  2. “What fills you with wonder and inspiration?

    Simply put. . . . living each moment during this lifetime. Over these past 67 years, into my 68th now, getting up and being given tests, trials, lessons, moments of pure loving and being loved back. Oh, the list is as endless as stars in the sky.
    Lying on my back looking up at the sky, the corner of my second story apartment strangely slanted. The angel (a neighbor who just happened upon me lying under the broken walking bridge. A neighbor who just happened to be a paramedic! ) His calm, patient loving care till the ambulance arrived. Those days following the operation on shattered foot from toes to ankle and the six months in bed and six separate casts – placed and then replaced over time. The blessed moment I stood in my shower for the first time under water with soap in my hand and cried tears of Thanks to God for sparing me and healing me.
    Waking up on my 66th birthday and starting to write and write and write and never stopping. Creator woke my very soul that morning. I had never truly written poems and stories before that moment.
    OH, Wendi, you have so much to look forward to on this journey! Savor it, suck it dry!
    Blessed Be,
    Ms. O

  3. Ms O,
    My goodness, you about made me cry! See why I had you in my top 8 inspiring list!

  4. Daz, IF that list went on even to number 9 you would have been right there! You inspire me to paint all the time! Just like Amy Palko inspires me to get out my Camera!
    I love being surrounded by all of the artists I have met in blogsville!

  5. Brett,

    I always need to be by water. I will live by the ocean someday too. Can and Will friend. Can and Will.

  6. Wendi,

    Excellent post. Your goals articulate your thoughts well. Needless to say, I’m impressed with your profound thinking for the life, it’s beauty, gratitude, God and alter ego.

    Well done.


  7. I’m a dog lover so I like #7.

    I heard a good quote in the Seven Habits course. To paraphrase:

    “I hope to become one tenth as good of a person as my dog thinks I am”.

  8. Friar, that would be hard. Maggie thinks I’m perfect.
    Her favorite thing is just to be next to me. Little does she know….
    Well..maybe her favorite thing is the dogpark, but I’m second best.

  9. Like you I was also a rebel and nobody has killed me yet. 🙂 That is one reason why I normally don’t do memes, they have a habit of going in circles and become annoying after a while.

    But hey, for Brett I made an exception (but only for him). Loved your list Wendi. I can relate to some of it, like gazing into your dogs eyes (for me it is my birds). It is amazing how much unconditional love pets give us without asking for something in return.

    It just makes me love them more.

  10. Well Wendi, people like you inspire me. I’ve had a lot of inspiration from your blog and I’m very grateful for that. I also get a lot of inspiration from nature and especially from animals and the moon (you should have seen how gorgeous it looked from my window last night). Other than that, I pretty much take inspiration where I can get it!

  11. This is a nice play on the 8 things, Wendi. I like the unconditional love part. And I also think that children are our teachers. It amazes me what they teach us, what we can learn from them.

    Like Melissa, I am inspired by nature and everything in it. I kind of feel like what Amy Palko wrote over on her blog about discovery is inspirational, in that nature is a constant source of discovery for me.

  12. What inspires me most is ah-hah moments. There are times when I really appreciate the hard times…because they make me realize why i have to keep going. Smile. Thanks.

  13. “My Husband. Our love and partnership gives me power and strength,vision and confidence. Facing each day girded with the strengh of unconditional love, teamwork, like-minded goals and a best friend who believes in me inspires me to make the most of each day. Thank you honey for being you. I love you.

    Focus one this one Wendy , i suspect he feels the same.

  14. Wendi,

    A beautiful list, and I think it’s right in line with the “8 Random Things” theme.

    Sing like Julie Andrews? Yes (well, maybe not *like* her…). Feel a part of the universe in various ways? Check. Kids? Oh, yeah.

    Great dude? It’s on the list. Way before I worry bout ocean views! 😉

    What inspires me?

    Clearing my head. Not meditation, exactly, just being sort of zen and letting go of everything. When I really get still for a few minutes, I get a flood of inspirations afterward.

    Great art. Crawling inside the artist’s brain by looking at great art. If I can’t get inside the artist’s brain just a little, then for me it’s not truly great.

    Love. Giving it, getting it, longing for it… terribly typical! I’m sure it’s been the inspiration for most of what’s ever been created that was worth creating.

    A challenge. The higher the barrier, the more I want to scale it. I love digging into a new project, I love making sense of nonsense, and I love helping other business owners.



  15. Kelly,

    I’m that way with Challenges. I think I did the Marathon just because I shouldn’t have. I have asthma, Fibro, a broken back and 4 degenenerated disks. Everyone told me I was crazy to try. Well..that was like torching gas…out I went…….

  16. Sherita,

    I know someone who brags that her life has been perfect and that nothing bad has ever happened to her.

    Don’t tell her I said this but she is also the most boring person I have ever met and the most unsympethetic, unforgiving and most judgemental!

    ( OK, my example is not a real life person, but I say that to remind us that it is our experiences that teach us compassion and give us our stories and passion for life!)

  17. Monika,

    If it was anyone but Brett asking..gggrrr. Brett has a huge emotional bank account with me and is one one my community partners. HE gets a pass!

  18. Don,

    Thanks, That’s why I saved him for last. He is the icing on the cake!

    Thanks for coming by and commenting! We are building a very nice community here and I hope you will consider joining us by subscribing and commenting often!

  19. Kelly,

    Have you checked out Daz’s art? I love his stuff. It’s playful, thoughtful and inspiring.
    He just joined twitter too so anyone who wants to follow a fun artist can go follow him and help him learn his way around.

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