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Ah, the weekend. Family time for me, what about you? How will you be spending these next few days? Share and let us know!

I will be going to birthday parties for my nephew and myself. We promise to eat cake for all of you! It has been an entire week of eating and parties around here for birthday week. Any surprise we were inspired by cannoli and pie?

Every birthday gives me a reason to take a moment and reflect on where I am and what I am doing with my life. Am I on track? Am I following the goals and steps that I have laid out to get where I want to be? Am I living an on-purpose life or am I just blowing in the wind?

Sometimes all the striving gets to be a little much. Planning for the future always needs to be balanced with accepting where I am right now, right this minute and being OK with who I am. I remind myself that I am in the place I am at so that I can learn and grow and help others where they are at. We are all where we need to be at the moment to become who we are growing to be. I don’t need to wait to become something more before I get on with the job of living and doing my life’s work.

One of my favorite authors sums this up well, and as I like to share with you some of my favorite authors on the weekends, here is an excerpt from a passage in the book The Sound of Paper, Starting from Scratch, by Julia Cameron.

If you haven’t read any of her books, I highly recommend them to you. The Sound of Paper is one of my favorites.

Have a wonderful weekend friends. Please…take a moment to say hi!


Remembering Who We Are

A great deal of the difficulty in making art springs from this conviction that what we are at any given moment is not enough. We want to be better, wiser, more ready to write before we write. We want to be more in the mood, more inspired, more alive before we try to paint. And yet, over the long years of work, it is clear that some of the best writing comes through when we are not feeling struck with light. Some of the finest painting gets done on the days when we just show up at the easel because that is our job. In other words, when we practice self-acceptance of where  we are and who we are instead of striving, always, to be better. We are enough, exactly as we are.

It is very easy to forget our divine origins. It is very easy to see ourselves as the products of our birth families, shaped and colored only by those transactions. We are much larger than that. We are each a soul, unique and distinctive, bringing to bear on life a rich legacy of spiritual gifts if we but open ourselves to the possibility that we are not merely the products of our conditioning. We are spiritual beings with spiritual business to transact here on this earth. We have a destiny to fulfill.

Julia Cameron


9 thoughts on “Being Enough

  1. Happy Birthday, Wendkins,
    I raise my glass of sparkling iced tea in a toast to you. Have met you only a few short years ago, on line, it seems time to say a few words.
    You are always traveling the back road of my mind. Be it in thoughtful prayer or thanks to Creator for placing you in my life. You are not loud, but quiet in a way that is extemely powerful. You listen to others and pay close attention before you respond. A gentle spirit, a wise woman who shows her growing wisdom with each entry in cyber space. One who understands my fanticul Hotel Agatha and all Her characters!
    Last fall, and wedding photos which I have placed away, safe, to pull out and look upon at special moments. Emails and on line posts, which have most spoken to me are also cut and pasted in a journal.
    I want to say these things today. Too many times, we fail to acknowledge special people in our lives, and say more about their loving service and Person, when it is too late and they have already transitioned I sent you this personal thank you for being a delight in my life. And, when your time arrives, I wish you be greeted with loving arms, returning Home after being on lone to me and others from our Creator.
    Blessed Be, dear Taurus ( giggle, I hope this is correct!)
    Ms. O
    Friend across many files

  2. Ms. O,

    Close, I am an Aries Ram. Born on Good Friday, April 15th.

    Thank you for such kind words. I know that you already know that you are very, very dear to my heart. I count you among those special people that give me joy and make me smile just by thinking of them.

    Happy day my friend!

  3. Today we played in the dirt. Raked up some dead grass. Almost taught one of the triplets how to ride a bike. It was very nice.

    Then giave them all a bath, and made them look like our kids again. It was a wonderful day. I think I’ll go outside for a bit tonight, and sit under my tree.

    Thanks for a nice set of words today my friend. Talk with you soon,


  4. Aries Ram you are! Actually, it surprises me as several Aries have truly broken my spirit and my heart. However, you and one other lady hold special places in my world. Guess that is the old Whole Chart coming into play!
    Anyway, sorry my post came up twice. I hope it does not do so this time.
    Blessed Be,
    Ms. O
    So enjoy your blog, Wendi. It speaks to many in a grounding, positive way.

  5. That’s a lovely excerpt! I think I will now have to track down the book itself and add it to my library. Thank you, and Happy Birthday. 🙂

  6. Nicole,

    It’s a great book. You will love it!
    And thanks for the birthday wishes. We had fun.

  7. Daz,

    I’m glad,

    it’s nice to know that wha I write here has meaning for you sometimes , the way that your art has for me. I’m glad I can return the gift.

  8. Brett, it sounds like you had a great day!

    Yesterday,we had an entire day in the garden too. Two guesses what inspired the next post?

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