Getting To Know You…

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“Getting to know you,
getting to know all about you.
Getting to like you,
getting to hope you like me.

Haven’t you noticed,
suddenly I’m bright and breezy?”
Because of all the wonderful and new things
I’m learning about you day by day…

 Lyrics: Getting To Know You, King & I

Happy Weekend everyone!

SURVEY TIME!!!!! Please take a few minutes to help make this a better site by answering five questions!

Last week, Melissa Donovan suggested that we do a question and answer post so that our faithful readers and new readers can ask questions and also suggest topics for future posts. I love the idea. 

My plan for the blog is that during the week here L.L.I. I will post new and original posts of an inspirational nature and during the weekend I will do more free form posts of my favorite poetry, quotes, guest blogs (perhaps) or share my thoughts and ideas, or just have updates and conversations. So it seems like the perfect time and place for a question and answer post. Since we are as new as a baby’s bottom, we reserve the right to grow and shapeshift a little as readers share brilliant and wonderful ideas like Melissa did. Thanks Melissa!

So, I have some questions I would like to ask, and I would like your answers, so please respond. Then ask, ask, ask away any questions you have for me, and make any and as many suggestions you have for improving this blog. I have a very thick skin and you aren’t going to hurt my feelings or scare me away. I am very committed to keeping this going, and would really appreciate the feedback and support.

I am really struggling with the technical side of blogging as some of my blogging friends know. It has taken me three weeks to get my blogroll up there and I just got it there last night. Now I have to find the time to add in my favorite sites! Coming soon! But the tech side is coming, inch by inch… and I will prevail, I’m nothing if I’m not stubborn!

Ok, on to the questions!

1) Comments: There are a lot of people visiting this site according to the stats, and the majority of you are lurking. Why? What do I need to do to make you feel more like commenting? I’ll take responsibility for it, but I would like to know what to change to make this a more interactive site where you all want to hang out and chat with each other.

2) What topics would you like to see covered here? Please give me any and all suggestions you have for improving L.L.I Are you more interested in hearing about inspiring people? Problem solving? How-to’s? Are you tired of lists? Want more lists? Please share.

3) What do you feel makes L.L.I stand out as being different or unique from other sites you visit. Does it have a character or a “branding” that is different that you could put in words?

4) What has been your favorite post so far and why?

5) What do like best about L.L.I. and what keeps you coming back as a repeat reader?


Thank you for taking the time to read and answer these questions. I promise that I will take the time to answer your questions too. In addition, to answering them in the comment section this time, I am going to compile them into next weekend’s post, so come back for part two!

Finally, thank you everyone for being here. I am having the time of my life at Life’s Little Inspirations. I may be the one being inspired the most by everyone’s kindness, willingness to share, and support. I have met wonderful people in the past month who already feel like life-long friends and who have helped this project along so much. Saying thanks to everyone just doesn’t seem to be enough…but…

thanks gang, I’m glad we’re all in this together.


10 thoughts on “Getting To Know You…

  1. I can’t remember where I suggested that, but it sounds like a good idea, the Q&A!

    1) Comments: I find that commenting elsewhere often brings commentators to the blog. Also, asking questions throughout and at the end of posts encourages discussion. Finally, shorter posts sometimes get more comments because people are more likely to read them through to the end.

    2) What topics would you like to see covered here? I like what you’re doing now. Maybe some reviews of products (books, movies, websites, podcasts) that are inspiring…

    3) What do you feel makes L.L.I stand out as being different or unique from other sites you visit? Your writing voice, of course!

    4) What has been your favorite post so far and why? They are all good!

    5) What do like best about L.L.I. and what keeps you coming back as a repeat reader? It’s uplifting and inspiring, always a cheerful stop in my blog reading!

  2. Hi Wendi,

    I thought I’d come on over and help you out today (hey, someone has to go first!) – so, here we go:

    1. I’m not sure that there is anything I’d change – maybe a lot of folks are shy, or think they’ll be spammed or something – I know this isn’t the case – so it is probably just a matter of perception. Maybe it could be as simple as having a poll like this, but on a different topic? I know that the Men with Pens did that with “7 Weird things about Harry”

    2. For me, I like the inspiring stories. How-to’s would be good too, a lot of people are looking for help on how to do stuff. I’ll be doing that myself, actually.

    3. Branding – hmm, it’s like talking with an old friend. Comforting. Sort of like coming over for a nice dinner.

    4. I liked “Planning for the Fog” the best – I’m a sucker for those kinds of stories.

    5. It seems that you have an endless supply of motivational stories. You’ve been in my feed reader since I found you.

    Thanks again for letting me be a part of your story – Brett

  3. Melissa, I think your idea was in the comment section of the Do’s and dont’s of getting mad.

    Thanks for answering tmy questions. any questions for me now?

    oh and great tips on the comments, I am going to work on those!

  4. Brett, you are brave to be first! Thanks! What a friend! I like your branding thoughts, very much what I’d like to be, sitting around the kitchen table or on the couch having a chat.

    Thanks..Now where are the questions for Wendi to answer for part two?

  5. Why I come by here is to read what you write to yourself to inspire and motivate you. I think your blog should be a diary and scrapbook that you work on to have a project that challenges you to find your best facet. I want to peek in and comment on your world.

    I don’t want you to cater to me as you might stop writing if all the me’s don’t show up one day. I trust you to consistantly write what comes from the heart but don’t expect you to be the daily paper. I’ll keep checking back until there is a run of boring entries that look like you just want to stay current rather than want to say something.

    Too many blogs end up like that, they get a few readers and suddenly they feel compelled to go for quantity rather than quality. Many of those blogs resort to becoming ‘middlemen’ where they simply post a link to someone elses content on another site for fear of not having anything new.

    I trust that you will write what is important to you and have faith that we will enjoy it to!

  6. Your blog minimises the negative patterns and reinforces the positive ones. Those patterns we all acquitre through life. You encourage the good in yourself and those around you. These show within your writing. Doing something you, Wendi, love allows those of us who read and comment on your writings, to express ourselves with equal zest. Because of the love you have for writing and inspiring, you are doing it far better than most.

    Loved the term Branding and the sense that as I read you each day, we are sitting across from one another, hot tea and smiles enjoyed. A place of comfort.

    Enjoy each of your writings and have no special “story”. They all resonated within me.

    Blessed Be,
    Ms. O
    Love the suggestion for a Q and A area!

  7. Just dropping by to say hello after connecting with you on twitter. I look forward to getting to know your readers and site.

    Peace, love and chocolate


  8. Carole,

    I am so happy to see you here!

    I have been enjoying peeking in at your site the last few days as well. It will great to get to know each other better. I look forward to it!

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