If you want to do something, just begin…..

I have been caught up in the world of blogging for several months now. At least an hour of my day, sometimes more, I have sat in the mornings huddled over coffee and computer reading the new day’s blogs. I am amazed at how many different ones are out there, so many that I had to cut myself off, opting out of some in favor of others to keep some kind of handle on my diminishing time.

It wasn’t long before the writer inside wanted to play too.  Of course not having any idea how to blog was the first hurdle.  Still is the first hurdle from the looks of things. The second hurdle is the what to write. So many hobbies and interests are batting about in my head, competing for blog space, what to choose was a blogstopper.

So, I have done nothing but read blogs and lurk and not participate in the community of blogging. I feel like a peeping tom some days, looking into the window of this interesting new world without coming to the door to announce my presence.

I want to blog. I want to write. I know that I don’t know what to do, or how to do it. I have many questions. I am quite sure I have started this all wrong and that this is a very impulsive, jump in the cold water with all my clothes on decision that I have made in starting this very meager little attempt at a blog.

But here I am. Wendi -the Blogger.

Sometimes, if you want to do something, you just have to start.

Sometimes, for me, when I want to do something, I just hit the ground running with both feet and then ask the questions while the rest of me catches up. The bruises from falling down and getting back up make for wonderful learning experiences.


6 thoughts on “If you want to do something, just begin…..

  1. Wendi,
    You are filled with light of abundant living. It has been most evident across AOL and in personal emails. Whatever theme for the day or the week, that you feel, will come over you and you will write, write, write.
    Having watched from cross many miles, your life unfold over the past three years has been a joy. And the contined self-growth into woman-hood, grand.
    With much to share, and that sharing not being of a maudlin, self-absorbed, negative flow as with many blogs. . . . you bring uplifting ways to others of living life to your fullest and loving and liking those around you.
    Blessed Be and continue to blog, blog, blog.
    Ms. O
    Hotel Agatha

  2. Ms. O,

    Wow, your kind words are a blessing to read and are very encouraging as I continue on this path. Thanks for the encouragement and support. It means a lot.
    Thanks also for commenting. I love comments!!

  3. Hi Wendi,

    I love the closing paragraph of your post (well, I like the whole post too!). This is something I forgot how to do, and then learned again while watching my children. They do just that – fall down, get back up again, and smile.

    So keep doing that – keep smiling, keep learning, and keep writing. Your stories are uniquely inspiring.


  4. Thanks Brett,

    Yes, I learned that from the kids in my life as well. Both mine and the three year olds that I taught as a pre-school teacher for a few years. When they want to do something new, they just get this gleam of excitement in their eyes and start running… It doesn’t occur to them to think, “What if I fail, what if everyone makes fun of me…” That’s something we learn as life goes on and then spend the remainder of our lives unlearning.

  5. Wendi,

    You are quite welcome. I think that school helps our children for the first few years, and then it seems to turn us into “productive little corporate people”. Programs like Montessori and High/Scope are the way to go, and it is too bad that this doesn’t continue up through the public school system.

    Well, it can with the right teachers – ones who encourage growth without fear of failure. Sometimes I wish I could act in that role for my children, to give them the best chance.

    What we can give them, and each other as adults, is encouragement to try, to live our dreams. I don’t really care what my children want to do when they grow up, as long as it is legal 🙂 and they are doing what they love to do.

  6. Hi Wendi,

    I found you over at Harmony’s blog, and have spent time going through some of your posts. Your writings are so inspiring, and thought provoking. Thank you for also sharing the “IF” poem (one of my faves).

    Tomorrow is Tuesday, and it’s time for me to choose my “New Blog Of The Week” (NBOTW). You are my choice. 🙂 As Harmony passes the torch to you, a link to your blog will be posted in my sidebar for a week.

    I do this as a way to pay it forward. It hopefully gets your blog a little bit of attention, and it also give you a chance to meet like minded bloggers who frequent my blog.

    There’s no “catch” to the honor (?). Just my way of trying to help new bloggers get found.

    My Tuesday post will introduce you. When you have a chance, come on by and check it out.

    See you in blogosphere

    Barbara Swafford

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